Hellman Canoe & Kayak

We have a well-stocked retail store with all your paddling accessory needs. Drop by the store and check out our canoes and kayaks. Our canoes are built to provide a lifetime of fun and adventure. Each canoe is custom built in the Kootenays to include your special requests, with a workmanship guarantee.

OPEN 7 days/week:
May 1 until August 31
9 am - 6 pm

OPEN 5 days/week:
September 1 until April 30
9 am - 5 pm

Canoeing and Kayaking have been a passion of mine for most of my life. I remember as a small child being fascinated by canoes and kayaks. I taught myself how to paddle from books and films and was soon going on little adventures on the streams and lakes of Manitoba. I developed my skills and soon I was going on multi day adventures into the wilderness.

Over the years I took more paddling courses and began teaching. I eventually became a master instructor. Canoeing and kayaking have been a means of transportation that have enabled me to see parts of Canada that very few people have seen, but they have been much more than that. They have become a way of defining myself, a way of connecting to nature and a way of being in touch with my spirit. I love to share my passion for paddling with people. Opening my canoe and kayak shop has been a dream come true. It is a privilege to talk about boats and paddling with so many great individuals - Bob