Isis Essentials

At Isis we have created a unique & holistic approach to health & sexual well-being. By offering a versatile selection of plant aromatics & adult products of unsurpassed quality & integrity, we are able to meet the whole person on a very personal & meaningful level, allowing each person to discover what's truly right for them. Our hope is that we may humbly help each individual that comes to us towards a path of fragrant good health and a happy, ecstatically joyous life!

Essential oils are the life essence of the plant that we are connected to through billion of years of evolution. They teach us about attraction & repulsion, about beauty & decay, about health &well-being& the world around us. They are a profound, multi-facetted healing tool that can deeply enrich our lives & empower us to take care of our selves & our communities in a way that is in balance with nature.

Our petit line of nutritional body & skin care products & perfumes are all meticulously crafted in small batches to ensure quality & freshness. We support local artisans, cottage industries, organic farmers & fair trade business. Our mission is to provide our consumers with the purest and highest quality personal care products without the use of harmful synthetics or petro-chemicals. We believe people should have an informed choice about the products they use and strive to educate our clientele while keeping ourselves informed with all the latest up to date information on health, beauty, well-being and product information. We support the small, organic farmer by using organic and ethically wild crafted produce whenever possible. We believe in fair trade and stand by our commitment to take care of Mother Earth by donating a percentage of our profits to making this world a better place to live in through non-profit and charitable organizations of our choosing.