Jerseyland Organics

Jerseyland Organics dairy products are made from 100% certified organic jersey milk from our own herd of dairy cows. We produce wholesome organic cheeses, sour cream and yogurts and believe in the humane treatment of animals and the responsible stewardship of our farm lands.

Jerseyland Organics is a family owned and operated dairy in Grand Forks, B.C. In 1994 Jerseyland Cheese began commercial production after completing its transition to 'Certified Organic' status. Thus making Jerseyland Organics BC 's first organic dairy and producer of organic cheese and yogurt. In 2006 Jerseyland was purchased from Ric and Vicki Llewellyn by the deVries family. At Jerseyland Organics the name says it all, we have Jerseys, the doe eye fawn colored family cow.

Our Jerseys are raised on the farm and come from strong family lines. They are not confined and have access to the outdoors year round, being pastured in the summer months. This results in more contented, heathlier animals, generally living three to four times longer than their commercial counterparts. As an Artisan cheese producer, we at Jerseyland Organics have developed and marketed several distinct varieties of organic cheese. Our cheese is made from raw milk and is naturally aged with no preservatives or coloring added. This is the reason for its unique taste and superior quality.