Another of BC no-fee inland ferry service, in this case connecting the Kootenays to the Okanagan via Hwy 6. Fauquier is situated on the east shore of Upper Arrow Lake. There is a an executive par 4, 9-hole golf course and a couple of quiet campgrounds and a few romantic get-away cabins like 'An Inn for Two'; or 'Hummingbird Cabins ‘n' Breakfast'. Travel the brief distance across Arrow Lake on cable ferry.

In a few minutes you'll pass the turn off for the village of Egdewood. Continue on Hwy 6 to Cherryville and eventually Vernon and the Okanagan Valley. At this time there is no fuel or food service in Fauquier. Closest is Edgewood on the West shore or Nakusp, north on Hwy 6.