The Hot Springs Lithia Waters have a combination of minerals that are uniquely relaxing and beneficial for a variety of ailments. The cascading pools are constantly supplied with fresh hot springs water. Visited for centuries by First Nation people for its healing properties, the Hot Springs have since been turned into a sanitorium (a health retreat) and a matronly resort hotel; all of which is gone except the Hot Springs. Halcyon Hot Springs features a relaxed main pool with a small 'lazy river', a hot soak pool and a more temperate swimming pool below the main deck. 

Views from the pools across Upper Arrow Lake are sweeping vistas of the Monashee Mountains. Lodging options at the resort range from camping to modern cabins (some of which are poolside) to deluxe chalets. Halcyon is also home to the exquisite King Fisher Restaurant where Chef Tyler Leeson has created a menu described as, West Coast cuisine drawing the best ingredients from classical cuisine and adding our own Kootenay flair. And don't miss the rich wine list featuring many BC wines.