East Shore

Travel the winding highway between Crawford Bay and Creston through, by, over and around Mountains, creeks, forests and the majestic Kootenay Lake. Visit the Gray Creek General Store and the Glass House along the way. Marinas, campgrounds, chalets, bed and breakfasts offer friendly service.

At this south end of Kootenay Lake, in season, watch for migrating birds. Views west acroos Kootenay Lake show seemingly untouched forests which rise steeply. This area at the southern limit of the Selkirk Mountains is largely managed and protected, including 50,000 hectares of ridgeland called the Darkwood which were recently sold the Nature Land Conservancy after years of logging. Critical habitat for Mountain Caribou and Grizzly Bear, this forest and these mountains neighbour Kootenay Pass, the Hwy 3 connection between Creston and Salmo.