Kootenay Pass

West of Creston travel along Hwy 3 up and over the Kootenay Pass. Along the way the wetlands of the Kootenay River delta, rich with wild birds and fertile soil transform quickly to forest and a climb through sub alpine forest to the highest, all-season, paved highway pass in BC.

Stagleap Provincial Park is situated at the summit. Enjoy a short alpine hike above picturesque Bridal Lake with tremendous views south in to the Southern Selkirks and into the U.S. The park and surround land are critical range for the endangered Mountain Caribou. Nearing extirpation, these shy ungulates need undisturbed habitat and therefore it is recommended that you keep your pet off trails or at the very least leashed at all times. This is an equally important corridor for the Southern Selkirk population of Grizzlies. Evidence suggests that individuals need expansive range and the Kootenay Pass wilderness is critical for connecting that range.