With a population of less than 200 people, Silverton is British Columbia's second smallest municipality. Enjoy their parks and campground, shops, gallery, museum. Silverton Gallery and the Historical Interpretive Centre are located in the Municipal Block, in the heart of town. Gallery and Centre attendants will be happy to answer your questions. Silverton is a wonderful place to get away from it all and yet it's hard to get lost in this little town!

Recreation opportunities abound in Silverton. From May to October Silverton has a lakeshore campground with 15 treed sites.  There is a boat launch located next to the lakeside campground at the foot of Leadville Street. The Day Park also overlooks the lake, and includes a large, open landscaped area, with picnic tables in a semi-wild area by the lake. Perfect for outdoor weddings.

There is a children's playground located on Leadville street between the tennis courts and Dewis Park. Dewis Park has a ball field (ideal for softball), tennis court, bocce court (2 lanes), children's adventure playground and picnic tables overlooking Silverton Creek. Visit Fingland Cabin, Silverton's oldest surviving 'original' building or the Zion United Church at the foot of the Alpha Street hill. Walk over the clear, clean waters of Silverton Creek on the Hunter St. footbridge. Spend a day or a week ~ Silverton's charm will captivate you!